How to TPT without the P

You make lots of worksheets. You use cute fonts. You also still use Word.

You need to stop.

As a TPT seller, I might be shooting myself in the foot. But hey, if you have the time and you have quality assignments that you already use, just make them more appealing!

It all happens in PowerPoint, and if you’re really hip: in Google Slides. I once read The Circle by Dave Eggers, and I immediately exclaimed, “GOOGLE WILL TAKE OVER OUR SOULS!” But that doesn’t stop me from using it for literally everything that I do in my teaching life.

Google Slides is slightly simpler than PowerPoint and it certainly isn’t as cool as the mega TPTers and their Adobe blah blah blah (I’m looking at you Tracee Orman and SuperHERO Teacher and you, Stacey Lloyd! [Actually, I really don’t know… I just so desperately admire those women and what they do… it’s absolute quality.]).

Check out these videos if you need a visual tutorial on how to begin. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. You may even wipe out the school’s toner… so beware.

(there was a 20 minute one but seriously… who has time to WATCH that let alone MAKE THAT?!)

It may take a little bit of playing around at first, and it may take you a little bit longer to figure out your Slides Vibes, but once you’ve got a rhythm, it’s a beautiful thing.

I cannot stop making my classroom signs and worksheets using Google Slides… I hope you enjoy it! If it isn’t for you, hit me up over at my TPT Store:

Untitled presentation (2)

Mrs. Mac



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