Getting to Know Them, Getting to Know All About Them

August is here! In around a week I will have 122 new kiddos. My family will grow from 700-and-something to 822-or-something. I cannot wait to get to know them and their middle school lives.

But I kind of hate get-to-know-you games, and worksheets. So I came up with my own. You can grab it over at my TPT. (which, btw, is on SALE! Big sale at TPT today and tomorrow!)

Back To School Get-To-Know-You

I added some of my favorite things, as well as topics that I know will jump-start conversations between classmates and with me as we all start a new year. As you know, I love The First Days of School and part of that approach in the first few days is teaching procedures and routine. Part of our routine is that from bell-to-bell, we are a family and a family MUST get to know one another.

It’s so important for students, and for parents, to know that you are ALL IN when it comes to getting to know them.  Whatever activity you do, refer to it regularly.  Be intentional!

What are you get-to-know you activities and resources?

Mrs. Mac

Check out my TPT!

Untitled presentation (2)

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