Plans of a Teacher

I have to stay organized! I use a Day Designer ™ (if you want to get your own, please click HERE!) I know, they’re expensive. But I have needs. I use all kinds of things to keep track of my days. I use Google Keep for to-do lists and reminders on the go. I use a Rite in the Rain notepad to keep track of ideas. I use a Staples (tm) monthly calendar to keep rough outlines of my lesson plans. And I use my Day Designer to bring it all together!

I love the Day Designer for a few reasons other than that they’re just so darn cute… The Calendar Year formats are on sale now (ordered my new marble one a minute after they went on sale…)IMG_20170808_142722!

1. Daily Format

I become overwhelmed if too many to-do lists overlap, so this helps me keep them all separate. I tackle too many things all at once and nothing gets done and then I’m frustrated and… Well, I don’t have that problem anymore. Each day has it’s own set of problems, literally. Sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed, I re-write the day’s lesson plans for each hour and I ALWAYS write down the homework that should be due (because I forget that, all the time…).

2. Top Three

Habit Tracking is very popular, and it takes a lot of brain power and time. Sorry, don’t have that. Instead, when I plan my week (usually on Sunday nights, but often times on Monday mornings…), I make sure I have my morning quiet time, exercise, and BIG LOOMING THING in the section. Having those big threethings (two of which are NECESSARY, one of which is probably WEIGHING ON ME) written out helps me to mentally organize the rest of the day peacefully.

3. Dinner

I love food and I love cooking. Knowing what groceries I need is great, but knowing what meal I get to look forward to, well, that might be greater… When it’s carrot sticks and water bottles all day, it’s nice to look forward to Lettuce Wraps or Pulled Pork in the evening. #firstworldproblems


STARTING and ENDING the day with gratitude is such a sweet time. There are so many blessings (and hardships) for which we must be thankful. We are the summation of our days, good or bad. “Give thanks continually and in all things.”

I do use some parts differently than advertised…


I use this for water intake. I make 5 blue rectangles to be filled in (that’s 5 bottles of water) and fill them in accordingly throughout the day. It helps me remember. When I do 21 Day Fix, I keep track of my colors there, too.


Meditating on a scripture memory verse throughout the week keeps me focused on my top priorities (lovin’ Jesus, Justin, and my kiddos). I write it here every morning (because repetition is catchy).

What planner do you use and how do you use it?

Meet the Teacher night is TONIGHT! Here’s a picture of my classroom… I’m getting there! Only a zillion more things to do before tonight!


Mrs. Mac

Check out my TPT!

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