I saw SOME of a total eclipse!

In Oklahoma, we saw nearly 80% coverage! Since the eclipse was during the day, I bought 40 eclipse glasses in June and decided that no matter what else was on the schedule, we were going to see that dang eclipse!

And we did!

We do “Fun Fact Friday” every Friday to practice non-fiction reading/writing skills (and to kind of sum up what we learned over the week and reinforce its real-world significance). We’re about to begin “Flowers for Algernon” in 8th grade and some myths in 7th grade, but the eclipse was REALLY happening… Last Friday we did a little research on our Chromebooks to see the exact time it was going to happen and what we needed to know before it happened (all of which was documented on a Google doc which they shared with me).

Only my () hour got to partake in the viewing, but we will talk about all of it tomorrow in a “diary entry” as part of our bellringer.

I love these kids so much already and I was so happy that I got to experience this with them. They had some really great questions that I told them to first ask their science teacher and then look up when they got home.

I love cross-discipline learning! Showing them that no matter what field they want to go in, they’re going to have to read and write about it, is very important. So many kids think they don’t like English and what we do in here but spoiler alert… every discipline has a little bit of English sprinkled in it.

Did you see the eclipse?! And how are you incorporating real-world happenings in your classroom?

Mrs. Mac

Check out my TPT!

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