Attitude is 100% of it, almost.

Screenshot_20170718-093042.pngI AM BLESSED! My new co-workers are amazing. I so desperately miss my old ones, but the staff at NRC has been so kind and welcoming. It makes my job so much better to have affirming and encouraging co-workers. As a team, we as co-workers create the vibe at the school. Thankfully, the vibe here was already so, so good.

As soon as I saw this post from Enriching Education, I immediately asked her if I could use it. It takes a little bit of self-reflection, but be honest, what WOULD the school environment be?

Sometimes we complain about the money or the administrator or the legislature, but what does that really do? It creates an environment for kids that shows a few not-so-great things.

Instead of comma placement and the quadratic formula, the lesson that is really sticking might be:

  1. When you feel undervalued, just throw a fit!
  2. The way to effect change is to whine about it!
  3. When you’re upset, it’s okay to take it out on everyone else!
  4. Negativity can be worn in many different ways, so it’s acceptable for every occasion!

I don’t know about you… but I have lectured my kids about all of those things from time to time! And yet… we are guilty of the exact same behavior!

Now, I’m not saying that this year we should all be wearing our rose colored glasses and ignore the problems around us, but I am saying that for the sake of making our students into good adults who are clear-headed and intelligent citizens, I say we stop whining about how much we don’t get paid. I say we stop counting down the days until the next break. I say we stop complaining about how much we have to grade (we did assign the work for a reason so… there’s a reason we have to grade it). I say we walk JOYFULLY into that pointless professional development meeting. I say we GLADLY answer the phone from that one parent who has already called three times today. I say we don’t roll our eyes or huff when someone says something positive about a teacher we may have a little bit of beef with; I SAY WE DON’T HAVE BEEF WITH OUR FELLOW TEACHERS!

As they say in High School Musical, we are all in this together. Let’s be positive. Let’s have good vibes. Our kids can smell fear the moment they walk in the door. So let’s let them see good attitudes (and maybe it’ll help THEM have good attitudes, too! One can dream…). We are doing a good work, but sometimes our attitudes cancel out any good we may be doing.

How do you keep a positive attitude about your job? Share your ideas/advice!

Mrs. Mac

Check out my TPT!

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