Word of the Year: Intentional

Ironically, I haven’t been very intentional about referring to my word of the year… but going back to school, starting at a new school, and becoming accustomed to a new routine can make a gal really start to think about goals and aim and all that stuff.  At my school, we implement Great Expectations which has specific foci on attitude words and life principles throughout the year.  It’s a great jumping off point in determined and focused behavioral correction and intentionality.

A beautiful friend at my church chooses a word each year. The words are always small and usually the ones we take for granted the most, like joy or peace. I thought about joy since this last school year was so draining of joy. I thought about love because I often felt that I was not giving enough love to my kiddos.  However, I settled on intentional.  Not only is it a buzzword from my college RA days, but it’s also a word that speaks volumes toward joy AND love AND peace AND and and… Therefore, intentional was my word, and so far I’ve done a great job of ignoring it!  Here are a few encouragements (via my mistakes and prayers…) about how I have been intentional…

…. with my time.

As I began this new school and this new year, I prayed a lot about becoming more intentional with my time.  I started getting up earlier and taking that time to relax, read my Bible, workout, EAT BREAKFAST (it’s crazy how good a day can start when you sit down to eat peanut butter toast and drink warm coffee!).  My mornings felt purposeful, and my day fell into place so much easier.  I was intentional with my time, not wasting it on Z’s.

… with planning.

To prep for school, I vowed to be more intentional in my lesson planning.  I feel like I’m a relatively organized teacher who at least has some aim on a goal, but to teach my kids intentionally and with purpose, I knew I had to become super organized.  I analyzed standards; I drew detailed pacing guides; I made assessments BEFORE I did lesson plans.  My intentionality with my planning has helped make us all better: I have accountability, and they learn more and better!

… with my kids.

When school started, my goal was to be more intentional with my students.  Every year Satan really socks it to me around spring break.  The school year is almost over and as I reflect, I see dozens of kids I didn’t connect with as best as I could.  I see dozens of missed learning opportunities.  I see so many failures in relationships.  There are always situations with students where I wish I could have done more, but Satan really amps up the attack then.  This last year, I could have been TONS more intentional with my kids, but I chose not to because I was tired or busy or both.

My current students are a whole different bundle of problems and now more than ever, as hormones and life choices and peer pressure are hitting them from every side, they need someone who is intentional about loving them, disciplining them, and living life with them.  They need someone who is direct and intentional, someone who will stick it out even if they only nod their head for the first 9 weeks, at least a stable adult is talking to them and cares about them.

We’re not perfect, and there really needs to be 72 hours in a day if we are to right all the wrongs we face (and do!), but God is good and this year can be great.  I know it’s a little hokey, but maybe a “word of the year” will do you good?  It certainly can’t hurt to give you focus.

Mrs. Mac

Check out my TPT!

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